wheat bag nz
wheat bag nz
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Handmade Natural Wheat Bag


Natural Wheat Bags by Tania Clark.  Handcrafted with quality cotton and natural wheat grain, they’ll make an excellent addition to your first aid kit!  Read below for more details.

Out of stock

These Natural Wheat Bags are handcrafted in Inglewood by Tania Clark.  Tania makes them using quality fabric with natural wheat grain.  This wheat bag is are amazing either heated in the microwave and used as a heat pack or taken from the freezer for a cool pack.  Use a wheat bag to help sooth aches relieve pain.  Wheat grain is ideal for wheat bags as it absorbs heat quickly and then releases it slowly over an extended period of time.  Heat or cold can be applied to the natural contours of the body as the bags are pliable and comfortable to use. Try and natural and drug free pain relief today!  The cold will help with inflammation and swelling, and the heat will will assist the flow of oxygen and nutrients to damaged tissue.  A practical addition to your first aid kit.  Read here about how a wheat bag can help with lower back pain!

Ingredients: Cotton and Wheat grain.

Direction for using your Wheat Bag

Directions for use:  Microwave your heat bag for 1-2 minutes.  Always place a cup of water in the microwave with the bag.  Always test the temperature before application.  Always allow your heat bag to cool completely before reheating.  DO NOT overheat!

Please note, each wheat bag is individually crafted and therefore colours vary – please advise in the comment section at the checkout whether you prefer blues/greens or pinks/reds.  If no comment is made, we will ship you a really lovely bag based on what we have on hand.  The bags are approximately 30 cms in length and 9 cm wide.

So run a bath, indulge in a beautiful Be Natural Soap product, and lie back with your wheat bag for some lovely winter relief.    While you’re relaxing, have a read of our blog and let us know what you think!


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