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Sweet Orange and Lavender Liquid Soap


This unique and 100% organic foaming soap will delight your senses.  Long lasting and full of the moisturising oils of Coconut and Avocado, it will leave skin feeling soft and supple.  Makes a fantastic shaving soap for men and a great top to toe wash for kids.  Enjoy!

Be Natural’s Organic Liquid Soap is your basic natural liquid soap that you can use in many different ways, including as a hand soap.  It is made with organic oils of coconut, New Zealand Avocado and essential oils of Sweet Orange and Lavender – which makes a rich lather and prevents drying the skin. As for preservatives, we use none – the essential oils maintain the self life of the soap. Be Natural Liquid Soap is highly concentrated, which makes it great value.  Make sure that you use this natural liquid soap in a foaming dispenser; otherwise, it will be really hard to use and you will waste a lot of soap.

The benefits of using this soap are many!  Being organic and pure, it won’t strip the skin of vital oils, and leaves it soft and clean.  It can be used as a top to tow wash – great for hair, body and face.  Kids love it as it foams and they can easily wash themselves.  It is septic tank friendly, easily breaking down in both regular and eco systems.  Our soap can be used for a variety of purposes too!  I use it as a window cleaner, floor cleaner, spot cleaner, vanity and shower cleaner, foot soak, car wash, laundry handwash and sometimes I add it to the washing machine and dishwasher dispensers!  My husband even uses it as a shaving foam!  Be Natural has recently released 1 and 2 litre containers, available through the website or through direct contact, use these to top up your existing foaming soap dispensers!  Great value, less chemicals!




Ingredients:  Rainwater, Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender and Sweet Orange, Potassium Hydoxide (none remains) and Borax.  All ingredients are certified organic.

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  1. Really love the foaming soap… I love how my hands feel nourished (instead of stripped) every time I use it. Thanks for making such a lovely product 🙂 Phillipa, Inglewood.
    16 July 2015 ·

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