Paper Drinking Straws – Biodegradable!


This pack contains 25 straws.

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Paper drinking straws are a great way to protect your teeth (evidence suggest paper straws protect enamel surfaces), while you take environmental action. Thousands of toxic plastic drinking straws are used each day around the earth. Replacing them with biodegradable straws can reduce the amount of plastic in our environment dramatically, particularly the oceans!  It is a well known fact that drinking straws are causing havoc in the oceans, interfering, harming and killing our precious marine life.  Single use plastics have no place in our lives!  Try these little beauties today at your next celebration, or even for everyday use.  These straws can be composted with your normal household waste.


These paper drinking straws are:

Food Safe – all FDA/EU compliant materials and inks
Free of Chlorine
No colour bleed in liquids
Naturally Degrade in oceans, rivers and lakes and are safe for marine life
Break apart in seawater in 3 days

Did you know almost three per cent of the rubbish collected along Wellington Beaches are plastic straws.  It is time to stop the plastic straw.  We could go without a straw at all, or we could buy paper drinking straws for those occasions or circumstances where they are necessary.  While you are browsing, check out our other Sustainable Home and Living products!






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