Timber Dishbrush


Wow, finally a great quality all natural timber dishbrush – free from plastic!  Even, better you can purchase replaceable heads!


This is a great quality all natural timber dishbrush.  It has a sturdy handle and long lasting horsehair bristles.

We sourced these brushes from Germany, where they are made under the Dishy brand.  The natural timber dishbrush is hand crafted.

About the Brush:

Beechwood handle

5cm horsehair brush head

23cm handle length

Why should you switch to a natural timber dishbrush?

This is an effective and simple way to move away from plastic.  Imagine, every single plastic dishbrush you’ve ever touched in your lifetime, still exists somewhere on the planet.  That could be in a stinky landfill which could one day pollute potential housing areas – or in the ocean being broken down slowly to be consumed by precious sea life.  By replacing your plastic brush, you can get all your kitchen scrubby jobs done just as effectively, but at the end of the life of the brush, it will break down naturally as nature intended.  Make the switch today!

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