Be Natural is a socially and environmentally responsible, family owned and operated small business that crafts handmade high quality soaps that leave your skin and hair, and home, looking, feeling and smelling wonderful. We can help you achieve a more natural home. 

Run by mother/daughter team Susan and Sarah Lucas in the small town of Inglewood, under the beautiful and majestic Mt Taranaki, the soap they make from certified organic, locally sourced, sustainably produced, cruelty-free and ethically traded ingredients is the best safe and effective skin care you can buy for you and your family.

Susan leads the product development and production, combining fragrant essential oils and butters to create silky smooth soaps that nourish and soothe to leave your hair and skin soft, shining and healthy.

Sarah puts her creative skills into the packaging, sales and marketing of Be Natural’s special soaps and balms, as well as sourcing other ethically produced products for their discerning and socially-aware customer base.

They personally oversee the entire production process of every Be Natural product in the ‘soap kitchen’, their small scale manufacturing facility, thus ensuring the authenticity, consistency, freshness and quality of each finished soap.

Everything they produce is 100% Palm Oil free, and made from truly natural (not nature-identical) vegetable-based ingredients – in fact you could eat the majority of their raw materials (but they don’t recommend it because it wouldn’t taste too nice!)

Looking for a cleansing product that is doesn’t dry or damage your skin, is kind to the environment and our planet and reflects your ethical values? Look no further than Be Natural –

Pure | Safe | Simple

Sarah & Susan

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