Pure + Natural

Our Sweet almond Oil is organic and you won’t find any artificial fragrances in our products just pure essential oils.

I use ingredients that have had minimal amounts of processing. Our bees wax is unrefined.


Amaia and I love to keep things simple. I don’t think our products need to be overly complicated so I keep our ingredients list short and sweet.

My products are made in small batches using only sweet almond oil and beeswax and essential oils.

In doing this I can insure the ingredients are as fresh as possible as well as minimising any chance of reactions for those with sensitive skin.


I don’t want my products to be accessible only to a few, so I do everything I can to keep my products affordable without compromising on quality.

Natural Perfume NZ. Welcome to Amaia and I.  A business born out of a love of essential oils and working with high quality, pure, natural ingredients.  My philosophy is to make delicious smelling, simple, pure, natural, high quality products that are priced to make them accessible to many, not just a few.

My company name is named after my daughter (and I) as making ‘lotions and potions’ is something we love doing together. If you are like me you will want to know you are pronouncing the name correctly.  Amaia is a Māori word meaning halo or luna rainbow. It is pronounced A-my-a.

Why did I pair with Be Natural? Sarah and I met in the school playground while our boys played. I loved the philosophy of Be Natural Soap and their products. So we thought it would be a great match.

I have chosen to launch with four fragrances that cover the four basic scent groups: Fresh (Potion No.1), Floral (Potion No.2), Woody (Potion No.3) and Spicy (Potion No.4). These are named after their dominant scent but each is a blend of essential oils to give a balanced fragrance. I blend my fragrances so each ingredient compliments each other and creates a balance. Each blend will also develop over time when you wear it releasing different scents as it warms to your body temperature.

Potion 1

Lime as the dominant scent, beautifully complimented with lavender and juniper berry to make an uplifting and fresh fragrance.

Potion 2

Rose geranium and lavender are the stars of this floral show. Balanced out with patchouli and a little vanilla to make a romantic, floral blend.

Potion 3

Cedarwood and patchouli blend to make this an earthy fragrance. Hints of veltiver and neroli help to create a woody, well rounded, rich blend.

Potion 4

Bergamont and Sandlewood form the base of this spicy exotic blend. With a hint of vanilla and clove to finish off the fragrance.

Each of these fragrances will be available as:

A roller perfume with rose quart crystals (Roller 10ml). Made with sweet almond oil and essential oils.

A solid fragrance (Solid 15ml).  Made with sweet almond oil, beeswax and essential oils.

Natural Perfume NZ

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