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Dog Wash Bar – Safe Pure and Simple

Your dog will love you for this great smelling solid wash bar.  It contains no artificial or synthetic fragrance so doggies nose won’t go into overdrive with chemical smells.  Our hand crafted dog wash bar contains only pure natural oils, with neem as our key ingredient, along with the beneficial addition of Thyme and Tea Tree.

Neem oil originates from a tree in South Asia and has been used traditionally as a treatment for many varied conditions, both for humans, in the garden and on animals. Its great for dogs because it is repels fleas!  It helps with itchiness, insect bites, dry spots and chaffing. Our dog wash bar will also assist in preventing fungal infections, ringworm and dermatitis.  Neem is antibacterial, and can be safely absorbed through the skin. Neem oil is not toxic, and it has a bitter taste that tends to prevent dogs from trying to lick it off.

Many flea medicines contain chemicals that are potentially harmful for dogs, especially if dogs ingest the medication by licking it off of their fur.  By using our bar you are reducing the need for extra concoctions in the treatment of fleas as the neem gently repels invasion. 

Our Ingredients

Organic Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Neem Oil, Castor Oil, Essential oils of Thyme and Tea Tree, Rainwater Lye.

Paraben Free | No Synthetic Fragrance

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