kids dirty hands

Children and the Toxic Load

For some time I have been aware of the damaging affects that chemicals in everyday products can have on our children.  Clever and powerful marketing combined with busy lives means often we reach for the nearest and easiest solution to cleaning, protecting and treating our children.  But with a bit of time, you can make some simple changes and dramatically reduce your childs toxic load.

Children are particularly vulnerable to toxic chemical as their vital organs are still developing, any damage can be long lasting. They are smaller in size than adults and their developing organs are at greater risk of being affected by toxins. They also have a reduced ability to eliminate toxins from their developing bodies.  Their skin is thinner than adult skin and absorbs everything put on it – within seconds, the chemical enter the blood stream.

There are alternatives, and often they are more cost effective and just as easy.  Here’s some simple tips:


  • Use natural sunscreens, or at least those with most nasties taken out – there is an ever increasing range of great products on the market.
  • Stick to natural soaps for body and handwashing.  Research clearly indicates that a bar of natural soap is just as effective at cleaning hands as antibacterial handwash.  There is nothing wrong with washing your childs hair with natural soap either, works a treat.
  • Buy eco, plant based detergents for the dishes – every time you use a plate, there are traces of whatever chemical you previously used – this enters our children.
  • Keep a supply of liquid castille soap in the cupboard for cleaning windows, floors, cars, table tops etc etc.  This negates the need for a cocktail assortment of different products.  (Be reminded that Be Natural produces bulk bottles of castille soap).
  • Remind caregivers, schools and child care agencies of the importance of reducing our children’s exposure to nasty chemicals.
  • Eat organic where-ever possible.

By keeping life simple, you will naturally see the nasty chemicals become eliminated from your life.


kids dirty hands





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