Glass Foaming Soap Bottle – Pounamu Karaihe Pahuka


This eco friendly 250ml empty foaming soap bottle is perfect for use with Be Natural Castile Liquid Soaps.  It will prolong the life of your soap by ensuring you only use a tiny amount each time.  Each pump dispenses a luxurious white mousse like foam which is easy and effective to use.  Achieve clean hands and a clean home in no time!  And you can dilute the castile soap to get even more value for money.

Use it on the kitchen counter as a hand wash and counter top cleaner.

Pop our Peppermint and Eucalyptus Cleaning Soap in it and use as a spray and wipe style cleaner around the house.  Fantastic on floors and windows and as a loo cleaner.  🙂

This bottle should last for years to come, buy one soap dispenser for the kitchen and one for the bathroom and laundry and you’ll never need to buy a plastic foamer ever again.

Benefits of a Foaming Soap Bottle

When you pop a natural liquid castile in a foaming soap bottle, it is better for the environment.  Why?  Because the diluted nature of the soap means less is used per hand-washing session.  Because the soap is thinner it is less likely to ever cause a problem in the drains and less soap ends up in the environment.   In addition to this, foaming soap requires less water to rinse it off, plus you can use without water to start by just applying the soap then rinsing off.  With a foaming bottle, you get more handwashes per bottle, which is better for the earth and your purse.   Read this blog to learn how a foaming bottle works and how to dilute the soap.

Our glass foaming soap bottle will be sent to you wrapped in eco friendly wrapping – please compost or dispose of sensibly.

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