Copper Safety Razor – long handle


We are proud to bring a plastic free safety razor to you!  These razors are from Caliwoods – a NZ based social enterprise – and should last a lifetime!

Why purchase a copper safety razor?

  • They are plastic free!  At the end of the razor’s very long life, it won’t pollute our precious earth.
  • It is a UNISEX razor – can be used on face, underarms, bikini and legs.
  • Refill blades are available!
  • Simple easy to use design – screw mechanism and two top holding plates are durable and less parts to break.
  • Caliwoods will take back your used blades – every 40 you collect, just send back and they will be repurposed or recycled appropriately.
  • Caliwoods offer replacement Parts. They are serious about creating products that last for ages and giving customers the right to repair. If anything should ever happen to your Razor, or you loose a part, they have the separate pieces available via email order. (contact Caliwoods directly)

How to use your copper razor

Check out this video on the best way to use your razor.

TOP TIP: Use gentle pressure – let the weight of the stainless steel do the work for you! 

Price includes:

1 x Copper Stainless Safety Razor
5 x Stainless Steel Blades 
1 x Blade Return Envelope 
Refill blades available.
These razors are great coupled with Be Natural Soap for shaving, face or body.  Our Be Clean soap makes a lovely face shaving soap – oats help reduce irritation and the honey is healing and antimicrobial.  You can also use our liquid castile soaps – in a foaming bottle to shave any part of the body.  A natural and healthy approach to beauty.  Read here about why shaving foams and cremes should be avoided – get rid of the toxic overload on your system!


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