Eco Toilet Brush, with Natural Fibres


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Finally!  A quality, fairtrade eco toilet brush.  This is another fantastic way to replace a plastic item in your household!  Every small purchase counts towards a better world without plastic choking our oceans and poisoning our whenua (land).

This wooden toilet brush is made from unbleached coconut fibre.  The wooden toliet brush has a galvanised wire and sustainable timber handle. Coconut fibre is a sustainable vegetable fibre from the husk of the mature coconut. It is naturally antibacterial so won’t become smelly or mouldy. It is chemical free and long lasting.  These biodegradable brushes are ethically made in Sri Lanka. Go chemical free and with this brush you needn’t worry about micro plastics going down the loo – and at the end of its life, it will naturally break down.

Wood is naturally antibacterial and will not absorb or retain odours or germs.  It is long lasting and will easily break down in landfill or compost in the garden once it has reached the end of its life.

Add a touch of nature your bathroom with this wooden toilet brush.  We suggest pairing it with a terracota or vintage plate, which you can use to sit it on between uses.

How to care for you eco toilet brush

Take care of the brush in the same way as an ordinary toilet brush in plastic, use with a natural eco toilet cleaner such as our castile cleaning soap,  flush it one more time in the toilet after use and shake off excess water, before resting and air drying.

The wooden toilet brush is 39×9.5cm

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