Kutu Kombo! – Natural Headlice Solution


A natural headlice treatment that works!  The Kutu Kombo will help you tackle those pesky headlice that come home with your children.  Read below for more information.

A natural effective Headlice Treatment

This headlice treatment, when used together, will effectively treat and remove headlice (Kutus!) and nits from a childs hair.  Ans assist in keeping lice those pesky kutu away!  We include a headlice shampoo soap and a high grade stainless comb which effectively pulls eggs and lice from the hair.

Here is some more information on our amazing kutu kombo!

The best comb you’ll ever use to remove nits and lice!

The Kutu Komb is the bestselling lice and egg removal comb. Micro-grooved teeth allows for better removal of even the tiniest nit. Perfect for head checking children at headlice risk.

  • Proven 300% more effective than other nit combs
  • Long, metal teeth with microscopic edges in a tight spiral form
  • Stainless steel design with anti-slip bands
  • No need for nasty chemicals
  • Rounded edges protect the scalp
  • Easy to clean

Natural Headlice Treatment – Solid Shampoo

Our Taranaki made natural solid shampoo is loaded with Neem Oil, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil and essential oils of Citronella, Tea Tree, Lavender and Thyme.  All of these oils actively deter or kill head-lice while the castor oil soothes the scalp.

Neem Oil and Headlice

Neem oil has been shown to rid the body of head lice in three very important and distinct ways. First, Neem contains hormone mimics that interfere with the life cycle of parasites. Secondly, Neem inhibits the parasites ability to feed. Finally, Neem prevents louse eggs from hatching and has the added benefit of making the hair strong, silky and shiny.  Read more about Neem and Lice here.

What to do when you discover Headlice!

  • Do a full body shiver. Scratch your OWN head.
  • Wash the affected hair with the shampoo soap by wetting hair and applying the soap thoroughly in parts. Leave in hair for 15-30 minutes.  Rinse and repeat if necessary.  Apply a hair conditioner to wet hair. Part the hair into sections and comb through each section until clear of lice and eggs. Clear each section before you move to the next. Rinse hair thoroughly when done. You will notice small eggs and live lice coming out of the hair onto the comb.  Wipe the comb between combings.
  • Use the Solid Shampoo regularly in nit season. The ingredients help deter head-lice from taking up residence!
  • Have a treat – you deserve it.

The Kutu Kombo headlice treatment comes complete with a waterproof storage pouch bag, instruction sheet, high quality stainless lice comb and a handmade natural lice shampoo soap.  Use alongside our pepperment and lime liquid soap – for a whole body cleanse which will leave you feeling refreshed and calm.

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