Bamboo Cleaning Cloth


$ 12 for a 3 Pack!


Say hello to a eco-friendly cleaning cloth that stays fresh, works efficiently and won’t pollute the environment.  Read below for the low down on why a bamboo cleaning cloth is a must have in your household!

Bamboo Cleaning cloth

Bamboo is a eco friendly sustainable option for everyday cleaning and kitchen cloths.  These bamboo cleaning cloths are wonderful paired with our eco household cleaning soap and can be used for a variety of purposes, from kitchen dishcloth through to general cleaning.  You will find that the bamboo cleaning cloth rinses clean after use – it will mop up even stubborn stains such as tomato and tumeric easily and quickly.  Unlike synthetic dishcloths, the bamboo cleaning cloth stays fresh and does not retain grime or smell after a few days of use.   The bamboo cloth is fantastic as a general dishcloth, household cleaning cloth or even as a dry duster.

Replace your microfibre today!

Regular microfibre cloths are made from nonrenewable resources and are not biodegradable. We need to consider that they are also contributing to microplastic pollution. Microplastic pollution occurs when tiny bits of polyester and acrylic rinse off during washing and end up collecting on the coastlines of populated areas. Fish ingest the harmful plastics, as can humans when they eat affected fish.  In contrast, a bamboo cleaning cloth is biodegradable, sustainable and natural.


Bamboo requires very little water to grow and is extremely quick growing!  Processing of the natural material into cloth is sustainable, as it does not need chemical treatment.  This is due to its antibacterial and UV resistant natural properties.

It’s also incredibly durable and will survive use after use, wash after re-wash. What’s even better is that it’s a carbon neutral fiber, which means it absorbs the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it releases during harvesting.

Make a change for the better, and try a bamboo cleaning cloth –  not derived from oil, but from plants.  Our three pack is ideal for kitchen, bathroom and laundry use.  Use the handy loop so hang the cloth to dry.  Size:  16 cm by 18 cm.


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